NZFMA Accreditation

Industry Accreditation is considered by NZFMA to be vital to the well being of the New Zealand financial markets, and ensures that wholesale markets participants meet and maintain certain standards of performance.

Staff members of NZFMA Financial Markets Members who work in wholesale financial markets are required to achieve NZFMA Accredited status (Financial Markets or Operations). NZFMA Accreditation is available only to staff of NZFMA members and is gained by completing the NZFMA Financial Markets Accreditation Program, made up of the following education modules -

NZFMA Accreditation (Financial Markets)

NZFMA Accreditation (Operations)

Alternatively, NZFMA Accreditation can be achieved by applying accepted cross-credits to all or part of the program for alternative qualifications or experience.

The NZ Financial Markets Accreditation Program consists of self-study of a comprehensive manual, access to on-line videos supporting each chapter of the Core Module, and completion of an on-line examination with a required minimum passmark of 80% per chapter.

An ongoing requirement for NZFMA Accredited Individuals is the completion of 20 hours Continuing Education, and NZFMA provides a range of structured training opportunities to assist members to meet this requirement.

Further information -

NZFMA Education Program Guidelines (Financial Markets) (updated Feb 2020)

NZFMA Education Program Guidelines (Operations) (updated May 2019)

The NZFMA Accreditation Committee oversees the Association's education policies, reviews the NZ Financial Markets Accreditation Program content, and considers and approves applications for NZFMA Accreditation.

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