Continuing Education

Continuing Education (CE) is an integral component of NZFMA Accreditation and ensures the development of market practitioners within NZFMA member organisations. The primary objective is to ensure that NZFMA Accredited Individuals maintain their practitioner knowledge, skills and integrity and represent the financial services industry in a competent and professional manner.

NZFMA Accredited Individuals are required to complete 20 hours of Continuing Education a year. Of these 20 hours, five (5) hours CE must be related to compliance and regulation in the financial markets industry.

You can find detailed information on NZFMA's CE requirements including accepted activities, reporting periods and a list of suggested CE topics in the NZFMA Education Programme Guidelines (Financial Markets) (Section 8) and NZFMA Education Programme Guidelines (Operations) (Section 8).

NZFMA's Education Training Calendar will keep you up to date with what courses and workshops we have available to both NZFMA members and non-members.

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