By Subscription

The following real time data is available by paid subscription only.

  • NZ Bank Bill Reference Rate
  • NZ Swap Market Closes
  • NZ Government Bond Market Closes
  • NZ Overnight Indexed Swap Closes
  • NZ Credit Market Closes
  • NZD/USD Basis Swap Closes
  • NZ OCR Compound Index

Subscribers may access this data via various information vendors, by automatically emailed xls spreadsheet at the time of calculation, or by xml feed directly to your system (by arrangement).

Subscribers must complete an End User Subscription Agreement which allows a User to receive and use the NZdata service through an authorised Information Vendor. The subscription allows the User site access, and the organisation is permitted to use and retrieve the NZdata information for internal purposes only, and for the sole use in the named organisation. The subscription does NOT permit an organisation to redistribute, recirculate or republish information provided by NZdata outside the named organisation without prior written authorisation from the New Zealand Financial Markets Association.

The subscription period runs from 1 April to 31 March, and a pro-rata charge applies for agreements established beyond 1 April.


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