The New Zealand Financial Markets Association is the professional body for wholesale (institutional) banking in New Zealand. The Association represents the interests of its members in ensuring the sound management of the over-the-counter financial markets. This is achieved by promoting effective self-regulatory initiatives, advocating for the industry, providing relevant education, and developing and implementing high professional standards to be used by members when dealing in these markets.

NZFMA also maintains and is the Benchmark Administrator for benchmarks and indicative closing rates calculated and published by the NZdata Service.

NZFMA membership is institutionally based, with members providing a wide range of financial services such as corporate banking, trading in financial instruments and trade finance.

15 January 2021

The New Zealand Financial Markets Association are consulting on a proposal to change the format of the Credit Market closing rates (NZNG) from yield to a clean price. Read more...

30 November 2020

The New Zealand Financial Markets Association (NZFMA) to start calculating and publishing an OCR Compound Index.

Read the news release here

20 November 2020

The New Zealand Financial Markets Association are consulting on proposed inter-dealer cross currency swap market conventions for risk free rates (RFR).

20 November 2020

The New Zealand Financial Markets Association (NZFMA) and its Rates Committee have recently reviewed the conventions relating to Interest Rate Swaps (IRS). As a result, changes have been made. Read more - Market Notice 2020/01.

16 September 2020

A calculation error identified on 17 August 2020 affected the value of some instruments within the NZ Credit Market Pricing Service.

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